World Atlas: The World Leaders In Coconut Production

16 April 2017 | Jessica Dillinger on World Atlas highlights that “as demand for coconut products continues to grow worldwide, the top producers of the fruit struggle to keep up.”

Demand for coconuts has grown upwards of 500% in the last decade.

Coconut has been a cash crop for decades and, even with stiff competition from other vegetable oils, it promises to continue to be a profitable venture in the future. Nonetheless, the top global coconut producers must learn from the current situation, and take steps to ensure that their farms are sustainable enough to stand the tests of time and meet future demands.


Rank Country Coconuts Produced (tons)
1 Indonesia 18,300,000
2 Philippines 15,353,200
3 India 11,930,000
4 Brazil 2,890,286
5 Sri Lanka 2,513,000
6 Vietnam 1,303,826
7 Papua New Guinea 1,200,000
8 Mexico 1,064,400
9 Thailand 1,010,000
10 Malaysia 646,932
11 United Republic of Tanzania 530,000
12 Myanmar 425,000
13 Solomon Islands 410,000
14 Vanuatu 410,000
15 Ghana 366,183
16 Jamaica 310,000
17 Dominican Republic 286,934
18 Nigeria 265,000
19 Venezuela 263,867
20 Mozambique 260,000
21 China 254,620
22 Fiji 225,000
23 Cote d’Ivoire 195,000
24 Samoa 190,000
25 Kiribati 170,000

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  1. Zenith senior market analyst Portia Rifat said: “Asia-Pacific and South America are expected to be the fastest growth markets for coconut water. Both have high unpackaged coconut water consumption and thus particular scope for packaged coconut water. The much smaller maple water segment is projected to triple in size to 2020. North America offers the greatest potential for innovation in natural flavours and organic sourcing. The best prospects for birch water are in Western Europe.”

    Zenith expects that the global coconut water market will grow at a compound rate of 26.75% until 2020.

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